Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Dolphin--A New Book

The Douglas Dolphin was an amphibious flying boat, one of a torrent of aircraft designed and built in the decades following the Great War (World War I) to realize man’s long-held dream of flying with the birds. While only 58 Dolphins were built, they served a wide variety of roles: private “air yacht”, airliner, military transport, and search and rescue. Wilmington-Catalina Airlines, Ltd bought the first two Dolphins in 1931 to transport passengers from the California mainland to and from Santa Catalina Island. 

In this novel, Edward (Eddie) Norris is a boy whose life-long dream was aviation and whose first airplane flight was in a Dolphin, when he was fourteen years old. Eddie’s story is part of the story of the 1930s, when commercial aviation came of age. 

This is a fictional story. A few names of people are real, along with their accomplishments, but where real individuals are included we’ve taken occasional liberties with actions and events to further the story. We hope that we’ve done them justice. 

The Dolphin is available in either paperback or e-book format from You can see my Author's Page and more of my available books at:

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