Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another Novella–Movie Group

Who are we? Who am I?

The stories we read, hear and see provide us with narratives of people’s lives—where they came from and how they lived. They are meaningful to us to the extent that we can relate them to our own experiences.

The stories that affect us the most, however, are the ones we tell about ourselves. Our own narratives become who we are in a very real sense.

Psychologists tell us that our memories—how we remember the past—shape our very perception of ourselves as people. We are more affected by how we remember our experiences than we were by those same experiences at the time.

It’s a truism that we are never finished. Our stories continue, and continue to evolve as narratives.

This is a story about a man who cannot quite remember something that was very important to him.

Movie Group Cover 7-15-2013

The Movie Group is a real group (probably one of many), an informal group that meets regularly to watch a film together and talk about it later. In this story, most of the movies mentioned are real movies, attended by the Movie Group. They were selected only for relevance to the story.

Otherwise, this story is fictional. Characters and events are not intended to represent any real persons or events (including the members of the real Movie Group). Any resemblance is entirely coincidental.

Movie Group is available from, either in paperback or Kindle version.

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