Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Novella

A number of my books have been published on, either as Kindle books or paperbacks, since 2004. The early ones were collections of essays, most of which had appeared on my Web site More recently, I’ve been writing fiction, which gives me a sense of discovery (where do the stories come from?) and satisfaction in producing something that is uniquely my own.

Front Cover DSC_5913-2 sharp

The latest of these stories is a novella, The Guitar, about a relationship. The following is the back-cover blurb:

In the twilight of his life, a man discovers a mysterious connection to a young musician. Their developing relationship gives both of them a wider view of life and how we touch each other. Matthew, still grieving the recent loss of his wife, attends a local bistro “just to get out of the house” and finds Laura, a young woman, playing a guitar. The depth of feeling he perceives in her music touches him, and they begin a hesitant relationship. She is moved by his attention and by a feeling that he truly hears what she puts into her music. The connection they feel for each other is complicated by the difference in their ages and by the fact that she is in a committed relationship with another woman. They struggle to find ways that they can be with each other realistically yet meaningfully.

An early reader of the manuscript, unknown to me at the time, wrote about the story:

“… a tender, moving tale plumbing  the powerful and indefinable reach of attraction, chemistry and love in a most unexpected combination. Using music as a metaphor is especially powerful to anyone who has lived that era and loved its music. It was like a rope swing dangling there and inviting you to let the music swing through the story. Don is a skillful writer who moved me to tears and proved that his character development comes alive.”

I’d love to hear other comments on the story. Better yet, write a review (be honest, please!) on at the listing for the book.

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